Quicken Loans Data Centers

Construction of the state-of-the-art 66,000‑square-foot Quicken Loans Technology Center and office complex in Detroit’s Corktown District, the first Dan Gilbert development outside of downtown’s central business district, required experienced, knowledgeable contractors who could deliver and install sophisticated equipment and systems.

Turner Construction selected Motor City Electric Co. as the electrical contractor for this project based on just that type of experience and knowledge. A complete BIM model coordinates the electrical, mechanical, fire protection, and architectural features created under MCE’s direction.


The modern cement and glass structure features two 10,000‑square-foot server rooms, along with training, office, and support space. The largest conference room seats 30 and has a view of downtown Detroit. The new facility boasts 1.4 megawatts of redundant available power, an energy-efficient design, and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system to cool its server rooms, and includes power distribution, 13.2K primary generators, UPS units with flywheel technology, lighting controls, a fire alarm system, a comprehensive security system, a CCTV system, and voice/systems.


Power Supply

The uninterruptable power supply units are the first 750kva UPS units used in the U.S. and incorporate 2.5MW generators to back up the system. The technology center employs indirect air conditioning units that use large heat wheels to cool the servers without bringing outside air into the room or using water to cool the facility. The data security system includes biometric readers and facial scanners.

Special features of the complex include a break room with five nap bunkers or sleeping pods, slushie and cappuccino machines, and showers.


Additionally, we added moveable walls in the main office space, a decorative wall made from recycled skateboards, a multicolor LED light staircase, a Ford Mustang converted into a pool table, and a snowmelt system in the rear utility yard. Quicken Loans staff utilize half the facility. The other half, including one of the server rooms, is available for lease.


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