Motor City Electric Co. Receives CAMSafety Award

Congratulations to Motor City Electric Co.’s Safety Department and Field! Worthy of our “Professionals Putting Safety First” slogan, we were awarded the CAMSafety Achievement Award!

Here’s what the Construction Association of Michigan had to say, “…your company has qualified for a Gold Safety Achievement Award in the 500,000+ Hours-Worked category. During 2021, your employees were able to work the full year while maintaining a safe and healthy worksite. This is truly noteworthy in the construction industry where dynamic hazards shift as work is completed. Several other applicants were able to boast similar records in 2021 as well, however it was your low injury and illness rates combined with your low EMR that has earned you the Gold distinction. It is apparent that your company places a high regard on the safety and health of your employees.
The reduction of injuries also contributes greatly to your bottom line through reduced costs of recovering from a loss and reduced insurance premiums.

The Construction Association of Michigan congratulates you and wishes you a safe and prosperous 2022 construction season.”