Design Assist


starting early, Saving Money

With more than 50 professional engineers on-site, Motor City Electric Co. meets the needs of our customers through Design/Assist contracting. 

With traditional design-bid-build delivery methods, contractors do not often see the plans and specifications until the architect or engineer completes drawings and is ready to accept bids. From the beginning, this method fails to consider any suggestions or concerns that the construction team might have—leaving issues potentially unaddressed until it is too difficult, too expensive, or too late to resolve them. 

At MCE, we strive to identify constructability issues early, to avoid obstacles that may arise later for our clients. Early involvement leads to the early identification of prefabrication opportunities and overall time or schedule savings. With the ability to prefabricate up to 50% of your typical project, MCE can provide cost-saving insights from the start.

Duct Bank Drawings

Design Sample

Design/Assist time-Savings Potential
Overall Potential 50%
Design/Assist cost-Savings Potential
Overall Potential 25%

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